Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I am not a subject of the United Nations.

I don't have any idea how they think they could levy this tax.  I don't know how they think they can collect it.  Or how they can enforce collection of it from individuals who refuse to pay their tax to support the corrupt, sex-slave-selling kleptocrats that will be the main beneficiaries, despite what they say. 

Especially when those who refuse to pay are better armed and have more testicular fortitude than any of the troops they can field, despite being civilian citizens of a (unfortunately still) member nation.


  1. It's really too bad the planes that hit the world trade center didn't hit the UN building. What a useless group. I'm with you on the tax, let 'em try and collect it.

  2. (Easy, Duke!)

    The original concept of the UN is great, but the current management sucks!

    Now the article: GOOD LUCK IN COLLECTING!

    Gee, the UN needs plan to legalize marijuana worldwide!

  3. Duke: they never would have aimed at the UN--they'd have lost the group that castigated Israel for defending itself against the sand lice that kept attacking it from within.

    OCM: It was a good idea in concept--just like socialism. It even worked fine while we were in control of it. As for legalizing marijuana worldwide...they can't do that because they can't override laws passed by sovereign nations. Just like state laws can't override national laws.