Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Been sick and tired (literally*) and busy...

Here's a bit of a tab-clearing post of stores I found interesting enough to want to snark about:

  • I fully acknowledge that the surveillance drone was over public property when it was shot down, but really.  The animal rights douchenozzles were filming private property as a way to intimidate people out of shooting feathered rats.  So what if someone "mistook" a drone for just another pest to be shot at? 
  • It's all about the money, bitches.  Nobody cares that home-packed lunches of salami sandwiches on wheat buns with apple juice is healthier than chicken nuggets--that lunch box brings no money into the cafeteria.  So, shut up and let Big Brother feed your child junk food under the self-righteous cover of making sure all the food groups are covered, okay?
  • Yet another religious fanatic trying to suicide bomb the Capitol.  What will those fundie Baptists think of next?  Oh...wait.  Sorry.  My bad.  Wrong religion.

*Before any of my regular readers ask, no, I'm not pregnant again.  

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