Wednesday, June 24, 2015


New pens are here!  Two of them do not need repairs, and the other two will have to be relegated to parts pens, since one is a cartridge pen with a cap that doesn't fit, and the other one has a cap that doesn't fit. 

The Parkette seems to be in perfect working order, even though there's some ink residue in the pen.  I'm in the process of soaking it clean. 

The other one that's working doesn't seem to have a brand name.  It's a maroon pen with a gold cap (with a bit of pitting and tarnish on one side of the cap), a hooded nib, a monogram in gold foil, and a triangular shaped grip section.  Much like two other pens I've had come into my possession.  The nib looks to be in better shape than the fixable one of the others like it. I shall find out for sure when I ink it up and try it out.

I'm thinking I need to order some different inks.  I love, love, LOVE the Noodler's inks--especially the burgundy--but I only have one pen that doesn't lay down so much that the ink doesn't show or bleed through most paper. 

That's for later, though.  I have a bottle of Parker's black Quink, a bottle of green and a bottle of red Waterman.  Those will do for now.  And maybe I can figure a burgundy from mixing a little bit of red and a little bit of black. 

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