Thursday, June 25, 2015

Still need to replace batteries... the camera, you perverts!  ;)

Really, though, I found the camera, I found the batteries, I've got writing samples of four of the six pens I need to take pictures of and sell done...I need to get to it. 

Don't wanna, right now. 

Still need to go work on clearing out clutter on my side of the bed, and clutter off the nightstands. 

Again, don't wanna.

I'd work on my pens, but one has the nib, feed, and section soaking, and the other* has those bits drying. 

Suppose I'll go find a book for the time being, until I feel less tired, and more motivated.  Maybe tomorrow. 

*The Parker VS is a rare bird--it's one of the few manufactured in 1947 with a clear feed, which Parker quit making early in the year. 

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