Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Working though things...

No, there's nothing wrong with my marriage.  Nor the kids. 

The house is fighting me, though. 

I wound up getting most of the pantry end of our bonus room (9' x 14.75', running along the back of the house) mostly cleaned out.  Three torn up boxes of clutter and trash are sitting in the dumpster* outside. 

Got a bookcase moved in the kitchen, too--drug it out of its corner, and set up a new set of wire shelves (something like this, only not so pricey).  Fewer places for the bugs to hide.  We will be getting at least one more set.  Possibly two. 

The kitchen looks a lot better, changed around like it's currently configured.  Less cluttered.  I like it, the spouse likes it, and the pixie likes it.  The imp's at the grandparents' until tomorrow morning.

I was happy, despite the increased mess in the kitchen...but then I found another of the bugs' favored hidey-holes.  Yes, it's cleared out and cleaned up.  Yes, I'm still slightly skeeved out.

I've spent several days with the kids out from underfoot decluttering and cleaning the kitchen.  In the process, I lost almost all of the batteries.  And Sunday, the batteries in the camera died.  I still haven't found the extended life Lithium batteries.  I still haven't found even the plain AA batteries.  Pictures of pens will have to wait.  

Guess what's going to be on my priorities list for the next day my mom watches the kids (i.e., Friday)? 

And...I nearly went into the washer on my head again, hauling clean clothes out to put in the dryer.  This time, I strained my back a little bit catching myself, and then exacerbated the problem by re-loading (but not starting) the washer. 

I'll just have to see what I'm capable of tomorrow.  For tonight?  Tonight, I had a nice, big double of Buffalo Trace bourbon.  Medicinal purposes, y'know.  ;)

*Trash pickup was yesterday.  It didn't get dragged back and the lid flipped closed until this afternoon.  It started raining yesterday about 9:00 pm or so, and by the time I got it dragged around at about 2:30 pm, there were about three or four inches of standing water in the bottom, from the rain last night and today.  And we'll be getting more tonight and tomorrow. 

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