Monday, June 8, 2015

Eager anticipation...

I ordered three more pens to fix.  They should be getting here sometime this week.  Two older Sheaffers (one lever, one I don't know how it inks), and one Parker.

From the pictures, it looks like the Parker is a Parker VS--a pen made between 1947 and 1949.  They look a lot like the Parker 51s, but have an exposed instead of a hooded nib.  They didn't sell well, because everyone at the time wanted the trendy (and slightly less messy) hooded nib.  A shame, really, because everything I've read about them says they're a joy to write with.

I shall find out what kind of shape it's in when it gets here.   And I shall have a lot of fun repairing it (should it need repairs), and getting it running again.

The lever filled Sheaffer should be a fairly straightforward fix.  And will need it, because I think Sheaffer quit making lever fills fairly early, because they kept playing with new and improved filling systems, then went to cartridge filled.  I think this pen is an early 20's model.

Then...there's the other Sheaffer.  It may be beyond my capabilities to repair, but then again, if it's a specific one of their filling methods, it may not need fixed, just cleaned and inked.  I will find out. 

I spent $60 to buy these pens.  They may well sell for double that apiece.

However.  The biggest draw for me is taking older pens and making them work again, and seeing different styles of ink filling systems.

I will post pictures, should anyone be interested.

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