Thursday, June 18, 2015

I am not wearing a damn burkah.

So.  There's a "modesty" movement out there amongst nominal Christians that don't comprehend their own faith. 

I don't really mind most modesty rules.*  I really don't.  I want girls to wear more than just barely enough to cover their underwear (and sometimes, not even that). 

This, though.  This is taking it too far.  To wit:

Almost every time a woman’s cleavage is left exposed before a man’s eyes, the man will mentally acknowledge that part of the woman’s anatomy, and be tempted to sin.

That is not my problem, or my responsibility.  It is not on me to help some witless wonder avoid temptation.  It's all on them

Want to know why?  Because of the way God made me, I have curves.  More of them than I really want, to tell the truth.  Clothes that fit most people do not work on me, because when I find something that fits through the shoulders and sleeves, it's tight across the chest.  Because of the way I'm made, I cannot wear nice, button-down blouses.  They simply don't work--buttons strain, and the shirt gapes between them, even when they fit. Tee-shirts that fit most just fine show cleavage on me.

If said wanna-be Christian who doesn't have enough self-control to refuse to yield to temptation, and instead expects me to help him avoid it, expects me to wear something that doesn't tempt him, I would have to wear a turtleneck that's four sizes too big, and slacks that are so big around the waist that I'd look like one of those little twits that think exposing their shorts makes them look manly instead of like a jail-faggot that's advertising that he catches. 

Or I'd have to wear a fucking tent.

Yeah, no.  I'm not a feminazi, but I am also a married woman of 36 years that dresses for my age and body type, and doesn't deliberately dress provocatively when I'm not at home, but my body takes my modest clothes and makes them...less so.

I refuse to wear a tent.  Or dress in things that do not fit me.  Should I be approached about this, the individual doing the approaching will get a loud, verbal beat-down, including bible verses pointing out that it's a sad, weak-willed individual that expects to face no temptation in their lives, and that it's facing and refusing temptation that makes the Christian a Christian hero. 

Maybe these so-called Christians need to either work on their own self-control issues, or move to the fucking sandbox and convert to Islam. 

*The kids' school requires that shoulders and backs are covered, necklines are modest, and nothing can be shorter than an inch above the knees.  Girls are not allowed to wear button-down shirts at all.  They can wear polo shirts when they're not wearing dresses, or parents can purchase tees and sweatshirts from the school.

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