Friday, June 12, 2015

Well, now.

If this doesn't go over like a shit-filled lead balloon, I don't know what will.  People who care about their families enough to bust their asses to move to the suburbs do so because they want to get away from inner-city dwellers.  It isn't a race thing--I had a black student last semester that desperately wanted to move their mama and younger brother out of Chicago, who had more of what it takes to get  and stay out than some of my lower/middle class white kids.  It isn't race, nor is it racism that makes people leave the cities. 

I grew up around poverty.  And it's a whole different mindset than middle to upper class.  One of the biggest differences is courtesy, and the ability to defer gratification. 

When I say courtesy, I don't mean fancy manners, nor yet the whole treating others well.  I'm talking about knowing what not to overshare.  No, people don't want to hear about your poop problems in public.  No, we don't want to hear about your ingrown pubic hair problems.  Nor yet your toenails, kidney stones, or any of your other various nasty health complaints.  Yuck. 

My mother does not have any sense of when this is and isn't appropriate, nor for who she can/should discuss this with. 

I think I've already discussed the inability to delay gratification and plan for the future being a strong predictor of a person's socioeconomic standing; however, this isn't limited to financial choices.  It's the choice to gang up and bully someone because they're the wrong color in the wrong neighborhood.  It's the choice to vandalize someone else's property.  It's the choice to get pregnant because there wasn't birth control available when somebody wanted some (and yes, that is a choice: even as a teen, I was entirely capable of choosing to do something else when life-altering consequences were possible).  It's choosing to disrupt class because somebody passed someone into a grade they weren't ready for, and can't keep up with, several times in the name of "social promotion" and "self-esteem," because they can't stand that other students want to learn. 

"Rich" families in "rich" neighborhoods (that aren't "rich" enough to pay the shake-down money that this will likely attempt to gather) left the inner cities to get their kids away from behavior like this.  I do not think they'll be happy when King Putt insists on bringing the inner city to their neighborhoods, and infecting their culture with the same rot.

And they sure as hell don't want it in their schools that they paid through the noses with property tax to get their kids into.  Schools are bad enough without disruptive influences that cannot be punished because "racism."

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