Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Happy, happy!

I have four more pens I won from Ebay for $9.95.  One of them is a Parkette (one of the Parker brand pens that were the "cheap" pens they made, but was fairly high quality), and is the reason I bid at all.  Research says that the model I got tends to go for around $50 or so on Ebay, unrestored.  They go for a bit more once they've been fixed, and it's a simple, simple fix.

So.  When I get the bedroom clean enough I can get to my pen repair corner, I'll have seven pens to refurb. 

Before the bedroom got a clutter build up, I did get a good look at the Parker VS, and noted a neat feature: the feed is transparent.  It's going to be really pretty with a bright, bold ink flowing through under the gold nib.  

The other reason I'm fairly happy is that I found both the camera and the batteries yesterday before my get-up-and-go got up and went.*  I've got four pens to take pictures of tonight after the kids go to bed, and one to use the little bit of ink from before I clean it back up.**  I don't really enjoy taking the pictures of the pens, mostly because with the little camera I've got, it's a little hard to get good close-up photos to show details (like brand and type stamps).  But it will be good to get those five pens listed.

The third reason for my current happiness is that my son is reading to my daughter as they're taking a break from cleaning their rooms (and yes, it is just as cute as it sounds). 

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