Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I got my last two fillings, yesterday.  I am done with getting fillings, and done with the dentist until December, at the earliest, next May at the latest.  I do not want to end up losing my teeth like my mom did, and like my sister's at risk of doing.

I need to get the kids in, soon, too.  I'd been hesitant, mostly because the imp (as a preemie) had a strong oral aversion.  It took a while before he was even willing to eat with a spoon or fork that he controlled, and even longer before he was willing to brush his teeth.  I did not want to make it worse. 

He's been brushing (and flossing) now for about a year, so I think he's over everything but his aversion to food that he's never tried. 

The pixie?  Honestly, it's because she's over-sensitive, has a stupid-low pain threshold, and I can hardly stand to see her cry.

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