Friday, June 26, 2015


Today, the Supreme Court legislated from the bench, yet again, giving the federal government a firmer foothold into things they have no Constitutional right sticking noses, much less toes, into. 

No, I don't think gay marriage will make marriage a joke.  Radical feminsim did that well enough on its own with the no-fault divorce laws.  Yeah, it's given us a good hard shove down the slippery slope, but the SCOTUS has not made marriage a joke.

No, I don't see it as righting a wrong.  I see today's ruling as committing a wrong.  Not a sin (that's left to the individuals), but a wrong. 

It doesn't fall under the commerce clause (though I'd be willing to bet that's one of the reasons that this was passed--more people filing for licences and paying fees...they think).  It doesn't fall under the non-discrimination amendments, in my opinion, because they had equal right to marry the opposite sex.  Or not to marry, as the case may be. 

No, the SCOTUS decided, unilaterally, to force this onto every state all at once. 

I don't find it as morally repugnant as many will--certainly not on the level of Roe v. Wade--but I do find it repugnant on a legal level. 

Laws are passed by legislatures.  NOT by the judiciary. 

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