Monday, June 22, 2015

'Nother catch-up day

The kids could not be left unsupervised, today.  No, they weren't fighting (much), but they were rough-housing and hurting one another.  Often.  The upside is that they both took right around two hours of solid sleep naps.* 


By that time, I was a little too tired from chasing after them and scolding them to get a whole lot done. 

I'm proud that I haven't run away screaming.  After today, that feels like an accomplishment.  And tomorrow, the kids are going up to my mom's for the day, so that I can get caught up.

*The pixie took her nap today quietly, sadly, voluntarily, and with an ice-pack.  Her brother had slammed his bedroom door without realizing that she was right behind her, and got her just beneath the left eye with his doorknob.

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