Thursday, June 18, 2015

I've come to a conclusion.

It doesn't matter which political party mass-murderers ascribe to.  One side will use any mass shooting event to try to ban guns, and the other side will go ape-shit saying that the other side is trying to use it to ban guns. 

Can we all agree that the shooter was a hate-filled asshole?  Yeah?  How about can we all agree that what he did was flat wrong?  Can we go a step farther and agree that it doesn't matter whether those murdered were Christian or not, nor whether they were black or white?  That it doesn't matter what his proposed motivation was, that the act was still heinous evil?  Can we agree that it doesn't matter if he was sober or drugged, that it was still evil?  Can we agree that the only fault lies with the perpetrator who chose to shoot up a group of people who were praying?  And then, can we agree to pray for/hold good thoughts for/whatever we believe in as individuals for the survivors, and for the church that was shot up, no matter what our personal political beliefs happen to be, and stop talking about the asshole?

If we can't all agree on that, then there's something wrong with the people who don't agree. 

And the world is fucked up.


  1. That it is, and the dancing in the blood has already begun!

    1. There's a good reason why I don't check the news and do political commentary anymore. I am flat-out disgusted by all of it, and know that there's no way it's gonna change.