Friday, June 5, 2015

Still a bit miffed

For a while, my day was really good, yesterday.  I felt like rewarding myself for getting the table totally cleared in preparation for putting it in storage, so I picked up a book I'd been intending to read, rather than getting stuck into my writing.  I greatly enjoyed it, and read long enough to find out that the Kindle Fire and I do not get along.

That...was the best part of the day: giving myself a headache reading for fun.

Then, things went downhill.

So.  While Odysseus was laying down in the bedroom with his feet up, and I was getting started fixing dinner, the children went to go play in the pixie's room.  They were getting along well, and there was a lot of laughter and noise involved, so I wasn't concerned. 

I should have been.

One or both of them snuck one or more pencils into the room and they were drawing on the walls.  I did not know this because I was making supper.  I did not really look at the walls when I went to tell them it was time for supper. 

I should have. 

The pixie told me, after supper, when I was laying down on the couch with a nasty headache caused by reading the Kindle for too long, that her brother the imp had drawn her some wonderful pictures on her wall.  I admit it took a few moments for that to register. 

I got up to go look, and yes...the walls all had stick figures and small-child sketches on them. 

Today, the kids each have a big pink eraser that they're using on the "artwork" on the walls.  The scribbles, because neither of my children are overburdened with artistic talent. 

And I'm miffed, partially because of that, partially because the table is loaded down (again) to the point where I might as well have done nothing about it yesterday, partially because the headache is still present, and partially because I have a book I've half finished, and don't dare pick back up until the headache is totally gone. 

I'm going to have to see if that website that converts from Kindle to Nook that I have linked actually works...


  1. At least it was pencil. Girlie Bear spent an afternoon painting the wall below the chair rail in my kitchen with a red Sir Marks-A-Lot permanent marker. Priming and painting didn't work, scrubbing didn't work. I eventually had to cut out the dry wall and replace it before I left that rental.

    1. Yeesh. Well, the wall is now painted, and with paint that the hardware store owners have in their own home (and found out the hard way that they can get Sharpie off of with Formula 409).