Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What a parent must do.

Okay, this is pretty disgusting. I want to know who paid the guy to turn his back so that the 9 year old girl could be taken.

I also want to know how the stupid parents could ask someone who lived in a trailer park populated by registered sex offenders to babysit little girls in his home.

A parent's first responsibility is to ensure their kids' safety. The parents failed their daughter badly.

I have had the flu while taking care of my kids. It doesn't matter that I'm sick--I get up and do my job anyway. Armed. Because if I'm sick, I'll be a little slower making it to a tool to ensure my children's safety in the event of my door being kicked down. If I was down sick too hard, Odysseus would pick up with whatever I couldn't do, even if he did work nights.

Our kids come first. They eat before we do, they get new clothes before we do, their medicine (if any) is bought first. We don't stop taking care of them just because we're sick, or tired. We don't hand them off to "trusted family friends." It is our joy and responsibility to care for them before we care for us. They come first.

No way would we permit them to go anywhere near a registered sex offender (or one that's even a little creepy around kids)--much less fifteen of them--without both armed guards (their parents) present, and at 100%.

(story linked via Odysseus)


  1. Turns out IIRC the grandpa was a sex offender. They need to do to this guy what he did to her, but that still is not good enough for him.

    Even if both of us are sick, KIDS COME FIRST !!!!!

  2. There's a reason neither of my kids have met my male genetic donor. I refuse to put them in that kind of danger. My kids come first. I will do whatever is necessary to keep them safe.

    Just one of the reasons I don't respect my mother. She followed the orders of the idiots in child illfare, and got us handed over to our abuser, basically giftwrapped in a court order.

  3. There is a very 'simple' solution to CHILD SEX ABUSERS.

    The penalty for such crimes needs to be changed.

    CHILD SEXUAL ABUSERS are BORN this way and they will stay an ABUSER
    until the day they die.

    With this in mind, second time offenders need to be sentenced to life or death (depending on the circumstances).

  4. I pray that someday the 'government' permits me to be the nations executioner. I would not blink while pulling the trigger on these animals.

  5. Stephen- There might be a line for that job.

  6. I think that childhood abuse survivors should get first dibs on executing baby rapers and murderers.

  7. Although I only had son's, there's no way on God's green earth I would let any neighborhood man watch my son's when they were young. How anyone could allow someone like this to watch their daughters is beyond my comprehension.


  8. The only people I leave my kids with are Odysseus's parents, and my mother, and for short times only. I barely trust my mother with them. I do not trust many of my friends.


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