Friday, December 9, 2011

FFOT: Al Gore and this guy.

I am getting so sick of the hand-wringing, Prius-driving, nihilistic, save Mother Nature ecoweenies. It's bad enough that they're always preaching at us (eating meat is killing the environment, using incandescent bulbs is killing the environment, breathing and farting and fucking and breeding is killing the environment), but now they're endangering our children, too. First, we have the couple almost two years ago that shot their kids (baby girl survived, toddler brother didn't) then themselves, and now we've got a school headmaster in Britain turning off the heat in his school on the coldest day of the year so far to reduce their carbon footprint.

Al Gore, and all of the brainless fart muffins that bloviate about how the earth is going to burn up and drown from rising sea levels AT THE SAME TIME!!! can fuck right the fuck off. May each and every one of the global warming consensus be assplowed by the First Wookie riding a bio-diesel four-wheeler, using her brainless husband as a strap on. With rancid habanero nacho cheez product dip as a lubricant.

I can tell them that no, global warming is not caused by humans, it is a natural cycle , of which we are on the cooler half of. Ask anybody who has joints that hurt when the weather gets cold, and then ask them if they'd prefer some more of that global warming magic.

Addendum: feel free to take over the comments and rant about your week. Don't worry about your language--nobody will mind (or blame you) if you cuss.


  1. .....I can tell them that no, global warming is not caused by humans......

    I wouldn't bet on it......

  2. I'm not saying we humans don't exacerbate it, but I'm pretty sure we don't cause it.

  3. College administrators who apparently think faculty have NOTHING they are doing during exam week can FTFO. I can't list how many messages I've got this week telling me I "need" to do this, that, and the other. And so many of the messages have errors! One told us that we had to have some paper work in a MONTH before it was actually due (I almost had a heart attack right at my desk), another one falsely told us our paid parking was expiring.

    It's hard enough dealing with all the "is there anything I can do to raise my grade" students without putting up with administrative wankery that is NOT EVEN CORRECT.

  4. Well, I can go along with those thoughts...however, being that my second degree is in Automotive Tech....I kind of like the idea of the Hybrid motor vehicle (Prius) as it is a very good way to get the most MPGs...

  5. Ricki: AMEN!!!

    Dude: what about when the battery packs need replaced? Wouldn't the dead weight make mileage worse?

  6. Electric cars: Biggest problem is that damn extension cord!

  7. OCM: the Prius runs on gas and batteries--when the motor isn't actively pouring on the power, it's charging the batteries for idling time.

    But yeah: that 40 miles/charge on the total electric cars is a problem.


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