Monday, December 19, 2011

Dinner tonight

Thank God I've recently gotten into the habit of pre-planning dinner. The pixie woke me up at 7:00, a little fussy, and when I picked her up, she felt like she was running a fever. Couldn't tell you how much--the imp loves the thermometer because it beeps! And poof--it disappears shortly after we find it, every time we find it. Acetaminophen isn't helping much, and we ran out of baby ibuprofen drops last week. (Odysseus is out to Walmart for both.)

I will be going into the kitchen as soon as he comes back and can watch the pixie for a few moments and putting a chicken into the crock pot, and turning it on low for the day. 'Round supper time, I'll put some frozen veggies in the microwave, and maybe a sweet potato or two, and some biscuits* in the oven. When those are done, the chicken will be, too.

Total prep time (if you don't include the way the chicken has been marinating in spices overnight) will be about 5 minutes, with maybe 15 minutes of cook time (again, not counting the chicken).

Best of all, tomorrow night will be the leftover chicken turned into a chicken enchilada casserole*. One of those chickens makes three casseroles, so we'll have one to eat, and two to freeze.

*Recipes for easy simple biscuits and Chicken Enchilada Casserole are in the My Recipes tab above the posts.


  1. Shucks, all I have is Jambalaya.

  2. Unfortunately, my plans were a wee bit too optimistic. We're having roast chicken and mac & cheese. Jambalaya sounds good, too.


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