Tuesday, December 6, 2011

H. Sapiens v. human beings

Yesterday, Odysseus wrote a post about those in authority turning humans into animals. As I’ve written before, there is a large element of that—as the government makes poverty comfortable, they create a semi-permanent underclass which is difficult but not impossible to escape. Schools are part of that process, as An Ordinary American writes: “Let's face it: Our public schools suck.”

However, he goes into another element of how human beings get turned into animals: “[Public schools] suck because the administrators suck, most of the teachers suck and almost all of the parents who rely on the public school system to raise their children suck.”* He only touches on it briefly, and then goes on into the incident that brought him to write about this realization.

He’s right: parents, in general, suck. I think a good part of it is that since both parents in most families work, they don’t want to put up with the difficult task of disciplining their children for bad behavior. They want to come home to a household without the stress of responsibility.

And being a parent is a huge responsibility. As parents, we are supposed to encourage our children’s curiosity, to help them learn about the world. It’s our job to teach them how to separate wants and needs, and how to delay gratification of their wants so that they can make sure needs are seen to first. It’s our task to teach them the rules of civilization and society, and to help them find their place in it. Our duty to teach them responsibility and reliability. And our blessing to watch them grow into adults that can take care of themselves, and someday carry the cycle on and raise their own families.

Unfortunately, many are falling down on those responsibilities. Parents are no longer raising their children to be civilized beings. It’s sheer laziness on their part, and it’s failing their children, but there it is.

I am a proud mother to two wonderful children: a three year old son, and a newly-turned one year old daughter. Both of them are very well behaved for their age—we’re always complimented on that, and to see the proof, all we have to do is go out in public and watch other parents with their children.

Almost without exception, what we see proves that, as a nation we’re fucked: no one is raising their children to be anything but self-indulgent animals.

And that, my friends, is what is permitting the government to step in. The overgrown children that form the progressive movement still need a minder, and assume that everyone needs the same overseers that they do.

Humans don’t need a minder controlling their actions. Animals do. And H. sapiens is well on his way to becoming just another animal.

*emphasis is mine


  1. The parenting problem is very basic.

    At 26, I became a father--at 26, I still had my head up my ass!

    Some where between 26 and 71,
    I got it together--and that's when I should have became a parent.

    This applies to every parent I have ever known.

  2. Odysseus and I waited until we had our heads on straight before trying for parenthood. We're currently trying to civilize our imp--not an easy task. All children are uncivilized little beasts with their attention firmly on what they want.

    Most "adults" have never gotten past that stage.


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