Friday, December 2, 2011


Watch this. Then tell me you don't agree with what I've written below (language alert).

Listen, honey. YOU are the only one responsible for the situation you're in. YOU opened your legs, without the benefit of being married (not that any man worth spit would have you), or the use of a DAMN CONDOM! Fuck right the fucking fuck off, with a--no, never mind that. I don't want to even suggest anything remotely to do with sex to this...individual.

May this filthy, welfare crack whore twatwaffle wake one morning to find that her funds have been cut off, and her children taken, and find herself in some sort of transportation on the way to the veterinarian to get spayed.

ADDENDUM: If any of you guys have anything frustrating you heading into the weekend, feel free to vent in the comments here. Use whatever kind of language you want. I won't mind, and you'll feel better.


  1. /stands


    /sits and nods in approval!

  2. ......May this filthy, welfare crack whore twatwaffle......The quote of the day!

    What's real scary is, I don't think this is an isolated case among
    negro women in the US of A.

  3. Oooops.....that was my comment, Oldcatman!

  4. Thank you... (takes bow) ...thank you.

    And now for another FO: grading. Grading can fuck off. With knobs. And cheese. My daughter's first birthday is Sunday, and I'll still have that hanging over my head, unless I can squeeze the time out today to get all fifteen papers I've got left (at 5-25 minutes per paper, depending on how bad it is).

  5. Yup, yup, yup. I get SO TIRED of the "oooh, I can't make decisions for myself. I can't think for myself. I need a minder" crowd.

    Dammit, eventually those of us who are being responsible, who are having our tax dollars spent on people who don't have a clue and don't want to GET one, are gonna say ENOUGH.

    Damned Harold Skimpoles, the whole lot of 'em...

  6. Don't sugar coat it, tell us what you really think.

  7. Students who hand in late papers after I have said NO LATE PAPERS AT ALL EVER and then act all sad and upset when I either won't accept them or tell them there will be megapoints off can FTFO.

    I am good at time management. I have worked very hard to be good at time management. The fact that you are not should not mean I have to rearrange my schedule to grade your damn paper just because you can't be arsed to hand it in on the due date like (almost) everyone else did.

  8. On the farm we castrated many different species....she on the other hands just needs a good 'ole tube tie party.

  9. Ricki: yes! I HATE late papers, and the students who think my "no late papers" policy doesn't apply to them. Especially hate students whining about my policy when I'm pretty quick to grant extensions.

    Duke: I rarely sugar coat my opinions. It's one of the reasons I get along better with men than women.

    Stephen: yes. I knew so many individuals like the one I linked, especially the year or so my mother, sister, and I lived in a reduced income duplex village. It's the main reason I'm so dead against any form of welfare. If they won't work, they don't need to eat.

  10. It is rare that I am left staring slack-jawed at the monitor for lack of a proper response, but that video did it.

    I would like to take this video back in time to show knuckleheads the inevitable result of subsidizing indolence, funding irresponsibility, and rewarding fecundity.

    The inevitable result of keeping humans in zoos is that they will eventually act like animals.

  11. I know what you mean, Tam; however, I have the strong suspicion that this is what the "war on poverty" folks in the sixties, seventies, and eighties wanted to have happen. You can't grow government if people don't depend on it.

    And that can FO, too.

  12. Curious: Why do you have to accept late papers?

    I'd put a very 'colorful' box in the room where they can deposit their papers; remove the box at a scheduled time.....IF THE BOX IS GONE, SO IS THEIR PAPER!

  13. If our written class policies don't specifically state that we don't take late papers, we can get in trouble with higher up if the students take the complaints to them, even with a verbal reminder with every class period.

    Even with the policy they still bitch, moan, and whine about us not taking late papers.

    I grant extensions when asked. I don't take papers handed in late without one, with or without an explanation (except sick kids--then I'll think about it).


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