Friday, December 16, 2011

FFOT: this.

This can fuck right the fuck off, with rusty chainsaws dipped in rancid habanero cheez sauce and broken glass. If the fucktard in the White House does not instantly veto this abortion of a set of laws, he is going to find out what happens when you rile the generation that his generation fucked over in Vietnam, and it is not going to be pretty.

May the authors of those bills wake up with the fleas of all the camels in the world nesting in their genitalia. May their homes be infested with bedbugs, body lice, crabs, and roaches. May every exterminator refuse to help them and make it clear that the vermin will not leave because of the shitpiles that attracted them. May their pets be frigid and their spouses incontinent.

May their lives become so miserable that they each and every one suck-start a shotgun.

Go to the link, then chime in in the comments.

Oh, and lastly, for Ricki: CCFOAD.


  1. Noted, a switch to decafe? ;)

  2. "........Within a few days, your freedom of speech will be gone -- post something controversial online, and the government can legally "disappear" it......."

    Too late for me, GOOGLE already did it!

  3. Even if his veto can be overturned, he should still do it. Out of principle if nothing else.

    Maybe we should start looking into necromancy and reanimate Reagan?

    Or Teddie.

  4. Rob: since I don't drink much caffeine, it wouldn't make much difference with how...exercised I get when the government tries to negate the 4th, 5th, and 8th amendments. Just because, you know, someone might be a terrorist.

    OCM: yeah, Google "disappeared" your blogs, but they didn't go after you.

    PB: Agreed, but this is something Dear Leader wants, and is afraid the veto proof majority isn't. I'd dearly love to be able to reanimate Regan, especially if we could take him back to before the Alzheimer's took hold, and then prevent it from taking hold.