Thursday, December 1, 2011

To all of my readers:

I started blogging three and a quarter years ago, about two months before my imp was born. I started blogging because I work in one of the largest left-leaning industries that isn't government: academia. Worse, I work in the hardest-left-leaning section of the industry--humanities, in an English department. And I am an at-will by the semester contract employee.

Needless to say, I didn't (still don't) feel safe airing my opinions with any but very close friends who were as busy as I was, and on very different schedules.

So, I got the bright idea to start a blog. Then realized, as I was setting it up, that anyone would be able to find it by Google-searching my name, and spazzed out a bit until I figured out how to keep my name off of it. A few days after that, I came up with my pen name.

No, I won't explain the name. Run an internet search with the engine of your choice on the first name--the last name comes from the author of Brave New World.

I write my opinions and reactions to the world around me as the muse takes me, and as I have the time. I've never had a particular audience in mind. I never expected to gain an audience outside of my husband (who now has a blog of his own) or a few friends who visit the blog once in a while.

That I now have a fairly regular audience of followers is humbling.

So, thank you, all of you. Anyone who hits my follower button in the future will get a public thank you--maybe not immediately, if I have grading to do, but you will be acknowledged.


  1. about being alone in the woods. You must need stitches on your tongue from biting it at work ;)

  2. You 2 are my favorite blogging couple!

    Good to have a man and wife each blogging who have something between their ears besides sawdust!

    However, you can always be tracked via your IP code......

  3. Pissed: you have no idea. I miss my classroom (I've been teaching online since my son was born eight weeks early), but I don't miss sitting in an office with ten other people (only the full-time professors had their own offices) that I disagreed with so harshly.

    OCM: thanks. As for the IP code...there are two of my colleagues who I didn't have to help with their computers on a regular basis when I was on campus. I'm not worried about it.

  4. It's just nice to have you around. Kick some...