Thursday, December 22, 2011

Interesting case of spin

Headline reads: "Romney: I'd deport Obama's uncle"--sounds petty, doesn't it?

The headline doesn't include the information that Obama's uncle is in the US illegally, nor that he'd been arrested for DUI in August.

And, if you click on the headline, you get this: "In an interview with Boston radio host Howie Carr on Wednesday, Romney said 'yes' when asked if Onyango Obama should be deported."

So, Romney didn't actually say "I'd deport Obama's uncle."

The manipulated headline shows exactly where the story writer's political opinions lay. An honest, factual headline would say something more like "Romney: Illegal immigrants should be deported" or maybe "Romney: I'd deport illegal immigrants"--maybe not quite as short, but definitely not as petty.

Nope, the writers just make it sound like Mitt Romney (who I really detest as a closet Marxist and a hypocrite) is just a petty s.o.b. who would deport someone just because he's related to someone in the political opposition.


  1. SINCE CAIN IS GONE, who do you favor now?

  2. If they run Romney or Gingrich, I'll either write in Cain or vote for Ron Paul.

    Hell, if the GOPissers run either of the two I named, they're going to get the TEA Partiers mad enough to elect Ron Paul despite some concerns about his idea of foreign policy from some, and concern that he's going to make the EEEvil drug marijuana legal for (gasp) recreational purposes.


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