Wednesday, December 16, 2009

And had this happened in the Midwest...

...chances are, the homeowner who was shot by home-invasion robbers would have at least wounded the criminals.

But, since it happened in Los Angeles, and the homeowner was likely a law-abiding citizen, he was likely unarmed. Which permitted those who already were contemptuous of the law, and armed, to shoot not only him, but his dog, and to get away from pursuit.

Here in the Midwest, said criminals would likely have chosen not to break in while the homeowner was home, because they wouldn't be sure if he was armed or not (criminals are typically lazy cowards who don't want to work to hard, or put themselves in too much danger, in pursuit of money). And, if they had, they likely would have either been killed or wounded long before they could have shot his little dog, too.

(By the way, dogs are warning systems, not weapons. If the dog shot was a guard dog, and the homeowner could own a gun and chose not to because he had the guard dog, the homeowner was an idiot. You simply don't take a knife--or worse, teeth--to a gunfight.)


  1. I wonder what happened?

    No motive for the breakin? 4 invaders?

    I wonder is drugs were involved?

  2. The story said that the cops didn't know what they were looking for--which argues that the perps were looking for something specific. Possibly drugs, possibly something that the homeowner had just purchased that the thugs wanted. Who knows?


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