Saturday, December 19, 2009

Well, duh.

Studies have shown that kids from noisy, chaotic homes that lack clear routines and rules aren't as smart as children from quieter homes.

I don't know why money had to be spent to determine that--I noticed that, even though my sister and I were from a home with a single mother, and had an abusive male genetic donor, and even though we lived far below the poverty level, both she and I were a lot quieter, and did a lot better in school than most of our peers (who often had two working parents who were always in and out, didn't often spend time with their kids, didn't have or enforce rules, and didn't have set routines). We may have lived in fear that the state government and child illfare services would step in and remove us from Mom's home and care, but we had clear rules that carried consequences, peace and quiet, routines, and a whole lot of love (even if that did mean that Mom didn't work. At all.).

And if you compared me to my peers that were in the same socioeconomic standing, the gap in intelligence measured by raw test scores was even larger. Then again, most of those peers had at least one alcoholic parent, some had one abusive parent, and some had only one parent that worked two jobs.


  1. Everybody has a theory about something!

    One could assume then that the children of deaf/mute parents
    should be smarter than most.

  2. Smarter, maybe, but not verbal themselves.