Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thank GOD the semester's over.

All I have to do at this point is to enter final grades in the computer system. Yep, now we professors have to do what used to be the registrar's office's job. Not that they're getting paid less. Or any of them laid off. Nope, that ain't gonna happen. See, they're admin. They're inherently more valuable than the actual people who do what colleges are supposed to be doing, and teaching the students. Because, you know, qualified professors are so much easier to find than brainless morons who won't think to question anything that makes their individual jobs easier, no matter how much extra crap it piles on the teachers.

Don't get me wrong: I have nothing against support staff that actually enables professors and students to do their individual jobs better--the professors to teach and the students to learn. What I have issues with are those who generate paperwork to prove that their job is too important to downsize, but foists the actual work they were hired to do off onto the departmental staff and faculty.

Unfortunately, these are the ones that tend to work in the higher levels of admin. Which reminds me that these people are likely where they are because of the Dilbert Principle of Management.

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