Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just another illustration of why I'm glad both hospitals in my town are not county hospitals.

A woman went to the emergency room in Las Vegas with preterm labor. She was ignored, went home, and gave birth, where her baby died. Her lawyer is trying to get criminal charges laid--criminal negligence leading to involuntary manslaughter, specifically.

Her lawyer is doing it because "he doesn't trust the Clark County district attorney to prosecute because the public hospital is owned by the county."

This will happen more and more often, in more and more places, with less and less done about it, should our Dear Leader force mandatory Medicaid up our collective national ass. Premature babies are expensive to save, you know, and those resources could better be used to suck up to welfare recipients who vote Democrat.


  1. One must take control of their own health care, whether they are on Medicaid or whatever.

    When I am waiting for SERVICE, medical or otherwise, I will step up and get it.

  2. Yeah, but you worked in the industry. You know how to navigate those systems. That young woman probably was intimidated by receptionists that, like any government employee, didn't want to do more than the minimum for their jobs, and probably didn't realize that she could have kicked up a big enough fuss to get seen.

  3. In retrospect, I worked for almost 5 years in a county facility.

    Talk about people with their heads up their ass, THE NON MEDICAL staff was probably 99%.

  4. Well, it was the non-medical staff likely at fault in Las Vegas. And I have never thought it was the medical staff that would be the issue with mandatory Meidicaid, but the admin staff that handles who gets treated how and when, and that irritates the caregivers into quitting, which leads to manpower shortages and even worse care.

  5. "like any government employee, didn't want to do more than the minimum for their jobs"

    No, please amend to "like too many government employees" (and actually that applies to too many private industry employees as well). I bow to none in my contempt for bureaucracies, but I have met a number of gummint employees, including some working for the IRS, who go out of their way to be of assistance to the people they interact with.

    I just hate to see the good ones tarred with the contempt for the bad ones.

  6. Good point, Ken. Sadly, like lawyers, 99% of government employees give the rest a bad name.

  7. With out 'government employees'
    the unemployment ranks would be jammed with folks that the private sector wouldn't/won't hire.