Saturday, December 19, 2009

I think the general has the right idea, in this case.

Getting pregnant on the battlefield in Iraq has been added to the list of court martial offenses. This isn't an army-wide policy, just one set up by General Cuculo for troops directly under his command.

I agree that slipping like that should be a court-martial offense. Both parties should know enough about sex to know that unprotected sex leads to babies. They ought to be responsible enough to take reasonable preventative measures: ladies, get the implant or the shot or something. You're the ones that have to take the full brunt of the consequences. Gents, don't assume she's safe to screw--before you tap her, wrap your tallywacker.

A lack of those basic precautions that any responsible individual would take should be grounds for court-martial. But for screwing in the first place? No, not so much.

See, these people are out on the front lines. They're going through battles, with the fear of death riding on their shoulders. Once the battle's over, the oldest human response to surviving is intense need for sex. It's why whores used to set up camps near soldiers' camps. I don't think trying to squash that human response is going to work--in fact, I think it could well lead to worse PTSD than soldiers would otherwise face.

Besides. Soldiers who won't fuck won't fight.


  1. My only thought is "FOX HOLE"....

  2. *snicker* (You nearly made me spit coffee on my laptop.)