Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's as much the parents' fault as the pedophile's, in this case.

I don't remember my mother ever leaving me alone in an exam room with a pediatrician when I was younger. I don't intend to leave my son(s and/or daughters) alone, either--and not just because I'm paranoid.

If I'm not there, how do I know instructions are relayed properly, or that questions that need to be asked are asked?

If it prevents some pervert from raping my kids, all the better.

Though, once they force mandatory Medicaid up our collective ass, do you think the AMA will be assigned a "safe pediatrics offices czar" like we were a "safe schools czar? If so, then I'm betting that this guy will be it, and I will definitely switch from a pediatrician to a family practice, and still won't leave the kids alone during any exams.


  1. I am sure that X% of the populous
    are pedophiles...so who in the hell do you/can you trust?

  2. About half of one percent of the population are pedophiles. Out of that fraction, about half of those are caught and imprisoned. Out of those, once they're released, 98% re-offend.

    One way to be able to "trust" is to make sure those we catch don't re-offend, in such a way that it would scare the rest off of acting on their impulses.

  3. THEY NEED TO CHANGE 'THE PUNISHMENT'......first offense :
    Up to 10 years in prison--second offense: Life in prison or the death penalty.....

  4. Most states have a mandatory minimum of at least 20 years, now. Missouri's is 30 years.

    Unfortunately, they're eligible for parole at 1/2-2/3 of sentence served.

    Speaking as a survivor of this type of abuse, I say kill 'em all at the first offense. One child's life ruined is one too many.


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