Monday, December 21, 2009

Wow. Talk about a traditionally feminine tactic.

Those wonderful people at Rock the Vote who've been making efforts to brainwash our young adults into voting for bread and circuses are going one step further than urging them to vote for candidates that favor bigger and bigger government: they're telling their audiences not to sleep with those who oppose mandatory Medicaid.

Women have used this tactic for centuries to get what they want. Perhaps the earliest written record of this tactic is in the ancient Greek comedy Lysistrata, the plot of which revolves around Athenian women refusing sex to their husbands to try to stop a long war (no sex equals no babies equals no new sons to be trained to fight), with the Spartan women joining in the effort with the Athenians. Women that don't fear being beaten and raped by their husbands (i.e., in marriages unique to civilized nations like ours and the fading nations in Europe) routinely withhold sex to either get something they want, or to punish a behavior they don't like (like their husbands being on the right side of an argument).

To be frank, I find this more dishonest than the practice of prostitution, law, or even politics.

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