Thursday, December 17, 2009

Umm...does this mean we can file a first amendment suit to get the environmentalistas out of the government?

I mean, the first amendment does specifically state that congress shall make no laws either forbidding, or more importantly in this case, compelling the establishment of a state religion. And currently, two things are obvious:

1. That belief in man-caused global warming is a religion.

2. That the high priests of that religion, Environmentalism, is attempting to compel, through "green-friendly" legislation, the entire nation to worship at Gaia's altar, whether they will or no.


  1. Very good comment! For anyone to suggest that Environmentalism is not a religion is ludicrous. And, as you state, this is without a doubt a government approved and encouraged religion. As such, environmentalism should not be allowed.

  2. pass legislation or lobby for anything, any more than any church is allowed to influence national politics.

    I have no problems allowing most religions to flourish, unless they start trying to kill us.


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