Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What the hell has happened to our independent spirit?

Europeans immigrated to America because they were tired of monarchies and church hierarchies telling them what to do, and how to live their lives. They were tired of depending on others to defend them, and to arbitrarily decide what was right or wrong, and to arbitrarily decide who was worthy of forgiveness or punishment.

For nearly four centuries, that spirit was the driving force behind the lives and decisions of all of this nation's citizens.

No more. People are now refusing to take responsibility for themselves and their families. Want examples? How about the mother of four who called 911 because her 14 year old son wouldn't stop playing Grand Theft Auto? Or the Ohio mother who called the cops on her six year old for shoplifting? Or the Texas woman who called 911 because her husband wouldn't come eat dinner?

What happened to being willing to discipline your own children? What happened to "if you don't come eat what I fix, fix your own damn dinner when you feel like it--I'm going to go stay with my family"?

What happened to that sense of independence that wanted civil authorities to take care of, you know, actual crime, and not our private lives?

And people wonder why the government is allowed to take more and more power unto itself.


  1. At the risk of over-simplification, I'll answer your question very briefly. What happened? FDR. Then, social engineering.

  2. Reminding all, of the term "95% OF THE POPULOUS..........."

  3. I think you're both right.

    Teddy Roosevelt had many of the same ideas as his cousin--he just knew better than to go as far in his attempts to carry them out. Then, FDR's Social engineering was carried to its (il)logical extremes with Johnson's "War on Poverty" beginning the welfare entitlement mentality.

    So, Darrin, you're quite correct (and much simplified) in stating that a lot of it rests in FDR's lap--there's a whole line of thought that he subscribed to and acted on, but didn't begin.

    And not only was FDR a president of the 95% OCM cites (those with their heads up their asses), he was also a member.


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