Friday, July 17, 2015


We have some real winners proposing and making laws.  First, we have sanctuary cities, where people who committed a crime to even be in this country, where apparently it's only a little thing where one of these criminals murder a woman who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There are reasons I refuse to visit St. Louis and Kansas City in my own state.  That is one of them.

Then we have to appease the sackless herbivores** by creating a policy which disarms our soldiers and prevents them from defending themselves, despite the fact that they also argue that our soldiers and cops are the only ones trained enough to be permitted to own and carry said firearms.  And, of course, gun free zone equals target rich environment for those who have no intention of obeying the law, which led to four of our United States Marines being murdered by hajji at a gun free recruiting area.

And now, we have yet another law passed aimed at public schools in VA: the Every Child Achieves Act. They're so proud of themselves for naming art and music as core subjects.  Sad and sorry thing is this: they just doomed the teaching of art and music to go the same way as reading, writing and math--teaching the subject is going to go the way of teaching subjects tested always do.

And that's leaving aside the simple truth that not every child is capable of achieving to the same levels.  Many are not capable of achieving to the lowest level deemed adequate.  Are they going to do the same as they did with reading, writing, and math, and dumb everything down to the level that the least capable is able to reach, and ignore the ones that are capable of the top levels of achievement?

I know, I know: these things I've mentioned are either against the law (which criminals ignore, as I have already pointed out) or an unintended consequence.  Actually, all three instances are all unintended consequences of totally asinine laws, written and passed by mouth-breathing morons who happen to be for sale tto the highewst bidder.

I'm still debating whether our elected civil servants are whores or pimps, considering that they take the money while the rest of us get screwed. 

I wish they'd go fuck themselves instead.

*Idiots In Charge

**I do not claim credit for this lovely turn of phrase.  It was coined either by the lovely Tam from View From The Porch or one of her friends. 


  1. Get 'em, Pretty Girl. Well said.

    1. Thanks, Stephen. And again, glad to see you back.

  2. Well said is right. And truly sad... It's NOT our America anymore.

    1. Thanks. And it *is* our America...unfortunately, we are losing our respect for our "leaders" and their stupid laws that make no sense. Which is, both on the surface and on a deeper level, even sadder.