Monday, July 20, 2015

Rather proud of myself for this ruse...

I convinced the kids that they were both "It" in a game of hide and seek with toys in the imp's messy room; first, the blocks; then, the dozers (and steamrollers, and diggers); the wood trains and the die cast trains; and the Matchbox cars and trucks into one big box for sorting tomorrow once their boxes are found.

I pulled a Mary Poppins, and got one of two disaster areas cleaned up.  And the pixie wants the same done with her room tomorrow.

I cannot believe I managed that.  I will have to admit I'm a little more impressed with myself than I may have any right to be.


  1. Mary Poppins. I haven't thought of that show in decades. You're good at managing kids. Not everybody is these days....

    1. Most people see kids as an extension of themselves. I see mine as their own little people who I have to teach how to be responsible adults before turning them loose on the world. I am very thankful I have twelve years with one, and sixteen years with the other. I might be able to manage it in that amount of time.

      Thanks, Harry. I do try. It's just that little successes like this are so few and far between that they take me by surprise when they happen.


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