Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Oh, ugh.

UTIs suck.  They really, really do.  I'd started chugging water and taking cranberry pills and drinking cranberry juice and alka-seltzer when I felt it coming on...and the symptoms went away.  All of them.  So, I thought the problem had gone away.  I kept taking the cranberry pills, and chugging the water, but quit with the rest because it was starting to bother my stomach.

The symptoms came roaring, as of this morning, only worse.  This time, it includes nausea, mid-back pain, and a low-grade fever. 

Damn it.

Got a doctor's appointment for tomorrow morning.  I'll feel better next week.


  1. My mother got herself a real humdinger of a UTI when she was in her 80s. She was seriously unhinged from reality till we got her into the emergency and got it diagnosed/treated.

    The joys of aging...


    1. It tends to do that to the elderly and to very small children. Not so much older children or adults.