Monday, July 6, 2015

Busy weekend

I have one thing to say. 

If the White House isn't lit red, white, and blue for Independence Day, it shouldn't be lit any color for any other day.

Much of the weekend was spent picking at the things I fell behind on while I was sick, with regards to the housework.  Today will probably be more of the same, with the addition of cooking for someone who can't currently cook for themselves.  I'm gonna make a Sloppy Joe goulash for someone who shall currently remain nameless to avoid having them harassed by other parties who happen to be trying to financially ruin them.  I'm going to try to feed this person more often.  I didn't realize how bad their financial situation was until last night.

Another of my pens sold last night.  I'll get it shipped today.  I'm going to need to wrap it after Odysseus wakes, and address the mailer, like now.  It's going to Illinois.  I hope the buyer loves it as much as I do.  The Parker 21 is an absolute darling to write with. 

I've got half a dozen pens to take pictures of, then post to Etsy.  I love the ones I've sold, and hope that the people that purchased them are happy with them.  I feel the same about the ones I'm selling. 

Really isn't a whole lot else going on right now.  My mom's going to watch the kids on Tuesday or Thursday so I can get completely caught up (and maybe ahead) on the housework, and then their other grandparents will watch them on Friday so that Odysseus and I can go out for lunch on our anniversary. 

Between those efforts, avoiding news headlines about anything I can't affect, alpha reading (I'm about a quarter of the way through), and my own writing, I think my week's going to be a bit busy. 


  1. There was some news story about how the Statue of Liberty was getting new (energy efficient, apparently) lighting. Through gritted teeth I said, "As long as it's not rainbow lights."

    I will say. maybe SSM will make being gay as boring as being straight and everyone, I mean EVERYONE will just shut up about their damn sex lives.

    1. Since that would be optimal, it's unlikely to be the actual result.

      But yeah. I agree with Dorothy Parker: I do not care who's sleeping with whom, and wish to hell they'd shut up about it.


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