Thursday, July 9, 2015

This is not my year.

February--intestinal flu, and acquired gluten intolerance.
April--possible stomach flu, possible food poisoning.

And in June, toward the end of the month, I felt a UTI coming on, so I started taking cranberry pills, and chugging water, and tried the Alka-Seltzer thing that supposedly works for my mom.  I thought my precautions knocked it out, but it came roaring back, and I went on a week of Cipro.  Took my last dose last night, and woke up with a backache this morning, on the right side.

Yep.  Fucking bladder infection traveled, and turned into a kidney infection.  Doc had the nurse shoot me in the hip with a horse's dose of keflex (with what felt like a horse needle).  She doesn't fuck around with potential kidney infections that don't respond to the antibiotic that takes out 90% of UTIs. 

I am outright dreading what August through December have in store.  Dreading it, I tell you. 

This has been a downright bad year for my health...and for my sanity.


  1. Maybe you are just getting th next 18 months of bad out now. I'll keep my fingers crossed country that's th case.