Saturday, July 18, 2015

random ramblings

The various UTI problems I've had were triggered by an underlying issue: a small kidney stone that had decided it was time to go.  It was uncomfortable, yes, but not intensely painful, which says it was very small. 

The very day I started feeling better, I managed to food poison myself at lunch.  I spent Thursday and yesterday sicker than a dog. 

The kids have (mostly) been good for me this week, but not perfect.  In fact, the imp was a rancid little shit all day, yesterday.  I think the problem was that he hadn't gone to bed (and to sleep) until an hour, hour and a half past bedtime the night before...yet still got up yesterday morning at the stinking ass-crack of dawn.  And, since we'd gone up to my mother's to give Odysseus quiet to study because the library was closed yesterday, the imp also did not get a nap.

Today, Odysseus is taking the pixie up to visit his parents.  There's a live on stage version of Cinderella that they're taking her to go see.  She's spending the night. 

Last weekend, the imp spent the night, and Odysseus took the pixie to watch the new Minions movie.  The last time the pixie spent the night, we watched the first Captain America movie with him.  I think we may watch The Avengers tonight for the first time.  I think he's gonna love it, and he's going to be mesmerized.  He was with Captain America.

The cats have been sweet, this week.  Shadow has been "sneaking" into the imp's room and perching in a dark corner either of his shelves or under his chair (sneaking doesn't really work when she strops my legs before she goes to hide.)  Then, when he goes to bed, she sleeps on him for a few hours before she knocks to come out.  She usually wants out around 9:30-11:00 pm.  Cricket's been sitting on the arm of my chair, draping herself up and over my arm and shoulder, and purring in my ear.  It's been fairly nice...until she starts trying to eat my hair.  She has enough trouble with hairballs from her own hair, and she's a domestic short hair cat.  She really doesn't need to eat my hair, too, since it's about waist-long. 

My dog's been happily taking baths when my family gives them--she's figured out that the Dawn that they add to the water when they run the water (making bubbles that she plays with) kills fleas.  She loves baths, now.  And, since she's getting more frequent baths, she's not the little stink pot she used to be.  So, I sat down on the floor and scratched and petted my dog, who just half-smothered me with affection. 

I am past the writer's block--and the editor's block--now that I'm feeling a lot better than I have since the end of last month.  Kinda sucks that I'm so far behind on my housework, but I'm not so far that it's interfering with creativity levels.  I've got a bit done on my book, some more written out long hand, and a little bit more edited on DaddyBear's newest book draft (I'm about halfway done, and loving it).  I strongly recommend it, when he gets it up and published.

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