Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Disgust is the mildest term

I'm sure everyone's heard about the latest kerfuffle with Planned Parenthood.  I'll summarize, but won't link to the story plus video.  I don't want to owe anybody a new keyboard because they vomited on theirs.

In a breathtakingly horrific flouting of U.S. law, they are not only performing partial birth abortions by delivering late term babies breech and murdering them in the process, they're harvesting and selling organs when they think they can get away with it.

And each and every individual in the United States, willing or not, is complicit in this atrocity.  Because Planned Parenthood is supported by our tax dollars.

Never have I ever been so glad that we get more back than we pay in.  Because every dollar heading for the EITC is one that cannot be handed over to the murderers of the most innocent among us.

I am so far beyond angry that I cannot even express it.


  1. It's about what you would expect from someone who was a Nazi supporter and a guest speaker at a KKK function.

    The best thing she ever did was die.

    1. referring to Margaret Sanger the founder.

    2. I gathered that. I'm not shocked or surprised, because I was half expecting this level of evil, but there is a lot of stomach churning disgust.

  2. That is truly beyond comprehension...


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