Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I hadn't realized just how much I'd been eating dairy, recently, until I started taking Cipro (antibiotic).  It requires that I abstain for two hours before taking, or six hours after.  Since I'm taking it every twelve hours, that's about four hours (while I'm awake) that I can eat dairy.

We've been going through a lot less cheese, a lot less yogurt, and a lot less ranch dressing. 

Concomitantly, we've been going through a lot more meat. 

I've also discovered that pretty much all grains (except corn) make me feel sluggish to varying degrees.  I try to keep those to supper.

Last night, I decided to try something different: enchiladas.  The recipe is simple--just meat and cheese rolled up into a corn tortilla, and drenched in enchilada sauce, then cheese on top, bake 'til bubbly.  I did half a dozen beef, half a dozen chicken. 

They were really, REALLY good.  Gooey good.  There are leftovers, but less than half a pan.  Both kinds were very good, but the chicken ones edged out the beef by a narrow margin. 

I'm gonna try it again, but with taco meat, and a lot less sauce. 

And in the meantime, I'm trying to plan's a cool, rainy day, so I have more options than I usually do, during summer weather.

And all this while I'm trying to ignore a major cheese craving that I can't indulge until 3:00.

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