Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Little done, yesterday

Not a whole lot beyond doing a lot of cooking, and even more clean-up.  Necessity (running a little short of one ingredient) forced a variation of my normal sloppy joe recipe* that I liked a lot better, and wound up eating about a half cup of the mixture over the top of a baked potato...and almost wasn't hungry at supper time. 

For as little as I got done, it took a lot of time and energy.  Experimentation in the kitchen is fun, though, especially when done under constraints that force me to get creative (like my newly acquired gluten intolerance...grumble...or being limited in when I can eat dairy by the antibiotics I'm taking).

I mean, even taking pictures of and posting half a dozen pens on Etsy took me almost an hour and a half.  Not hard, just a little time consuming and draining.  

So...that just means I need to bust my ass today and tomorrow to try to get caught up the rest of the way on what I didn't get done while I was down with the UTI (and self-inflicted water intoxication from trying to water the UTI's strength down a bit), and what I didn't get done yesterday because of faffing about in the kitchen. 

I probably ought to get started now, with the last load of laundry and making myself a to-do list to stay on task.  Because most of the time, I'll get started with one job, and get distracted by another when I'm only half done with the first, then get distracted by another, and then have a house full of chores half done, and a bigger mess than I started with by the end of the day.  A list helps keep me on task.

*Sloppy joes
1 lb meat
1 c bbq sauce
1/3 c mustard
1 can corn
1 can diced tomatoes

My modification is the addition of about 2-4 Tbsp A-1.  Gives it a smoky, spicy flavor that the Sweet Baby Ray's bbq sauce doesn't have by itself.

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