Thursday, September 4, 2014


Worse than we thought, but better than it could have been. 

A few days ago, our area had some pretty intense lightning.  And then a couple of days of cool weather, where the AC wasn't running. 

Yesterday, it got hot, and yesterday we noticed the AC wasn't working.  This morning, we had the AC guy out...and then the electric guy...and then the AC guy again.  Turns out, the lightning had caused a surge that didn't just blow the breaker on the actual unit--it blew the electrical component of the compressor, and blew the compressor lose from the rest of it. 

Thank God the thing is still under warranty.  The labor is going to cost, and if it hadn't been under warranty, adding parts to it would have made it cost out the ass.  As in, it would have cost almost a third of the initial unit cost. 

So.  The thing will be fixed tomorrow while I'm at work, since it's all outdoors work and they don't need us here for that.  And Odysseus will hand over the check as soon as he gets home with the pixie, right about the projected finish time.  Lightning.  Wow.  Blew the compressor off.  Kinda some scary stuff. 


  1. Had a lightning strike make our contactor stick (read that as welded shut) on our outside unit two weeks ago. We made it one night with every fan running we could muster. It was 88 in the house with 90% humidity outside. It was absolutely horrible and I don't wish that shit on my worst enemy. I seriously feel your pain. But, you'll be back in the game tomorrow! Yay!

    1. We have a window unit in the back, but it's tiny, and only sized for the 9x17 room it's in, which doesn't have a vent to help keep humidity down back there. It helps, but only just.

  2. I had lightning strike a propane tank years ago. The current traveled through the ground, into a gas dryer, jumped to the wiring, into the wall plug, into the washer, arc across and strike the water heater. The damage was

    New regulator for the propane tank - $10
    Two new appliance cords - $15
    New high heat cutoff switch for the dryer - $8
    New circuit breaker - $10

    Those were the prices at the time and way below my deductible. I changed the parts, and everything worked fine scared the crap out of my wife that was home at the time...that may explain some things.

    1. My aunt has lost televisions, telephones, and nearly had the house set on fire. Really stupid thing is she says she can't afford homeowner's insurance.

  3. Lightning can do some really impressive damage.

    You're just lucky it was a surge in your incoming AC power.

    It would take God Himself to protect you from a direct hit.

    Stuff just literally disappears......

    1. I have seen what it can do. There's a good reason I stay the hell indoors, off the phone, and out of the shower when there's lightning going on.