Friday, September 5, 2014

On a whim...

Ordered this on 8/9, got it today.

The scrip inscribed on the cap says it's a Hero brand 901.  So far, it's a neat little pen.  Yes, it took forever to arrive, but its origin was from the factory in China, so I really have no complaints. 

I filled it with purple ink.  It took a bit to get the ink down into the pen proper, but once it did, the pen wrote smoothly and without hesitation.  It is an Eastern medium nib, which is somewhere between European fine and medium. Yes, the ink bleeds through the paper, but I think that's more a function of the Noodler's Purple than it is the nib.  I think.  Not sure. 

I cannot complain about the quality, especially when you factor in the cost ($3.87 and free shipping).  It is, so far, a good pen, better than my $16 Parker Vector.  The pen is, mostly, metal, and is on the heavy side...which I like.  Your mileage may vary.

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