Saturday, September 27, 2014

random ramblings

My imp brought home new homework, this past week.  Phonics homework that involved more than letter sounds, and consonant-vowel blends.  His new homework involved whole words. 

My son is reading.  Less than eight weeks into kindergarten, and my son is reading.  It's something he's wanted for over a year. 

We've bought him some level one step into reading books as incentive and reward.  He's now got a set of books about Iron Man, Captain America, Spider Man, Thor, Wolverine, and The X-Men.  I can't wait to help him read them.  I cannot begin to put into words how proud I am.

The pixie got sent home with a green chalk board with lines painted on, and her name written on it for her to trace.  I've given her a stick of yellow chalk, and she's having a blast.  She's already quite good at tracing her name.  I'm very proud of her. 

The cats have rediscovered the kitty tree we got them a while back.  I think something close to a year and a half ago.  Both cats have been in the top shelf, snuggled together, the past three mornings when we've opened the pantry door to let them into the house.

Yes, we still shut the cats out of the main part of the house overnight.  They're rude, and decide to come into the master bedroom and play at two in the morning.  No way in hell are we going to leave them running around loose. 

I got the papers turned back to my students, yesterday.  I don't have to pick up papers for a bit more than a week.  I'm going to spend that time finishing the beta-reading I've been privileged to do, and finish rewriting bits of Fire and Forge

Right now, though, I need to go assemble lunch to take along to my mother's--a beef enchilada casserole


  1. Sounds like a great week! :-) And no to the cats in the house... AGREED! :-D

    1. I have no problem with them in the house when we're all awake. They're both great mousers, and very affectionate with the kids. When we're all sleeping, though...

      And yes, it would have been a terrific week had the pixie not been so very, very sick from Monday afternoon through Thursday night.

  2. When our kids were that age, we would let them stay up an extra hour if they were in bed reading a book.
    Their reading took off like a rocket after that.

    1. I might do that on weekends. Their bedtime on school nights is a non-negotiable 8:00 p.m., because they need to be up by 6:30 a.m. on school mornings.