Saturday, September 6, 2014

random ramblings

The air conditioner was fixed yesterday afternoon.  And last night, we had a cool front move through, and we've dropped thirty degrees in less than twelve hours.  Today's high is 73.  We seem to be near done with the very hot part of summer--although, it wasn't as bad as it has been in past summers.  Instead of a solid month of triple-digit highs, we had about three days or so.  Total.

The imp managed a solid (though short) week of green or better on his behavior calendar, despite having a disruption in his schedule with a substitute teacher for two of those days, and despite me being a bad mommy and forgetting his allergy meds yesterday morning.

The pixie has not yet failed to bring home a good behavior report.  No, she's not perfect, but girls tend to have an easier time adjusting to a classroom setting.  She's very, very happy, and is terribly disappointed on days she doesn't have class.  I think that, next year, if we can afford it, and can do the back and forth, she's going to want to do four day Pre-K. 

I ordered one of my favorite Disney movies for the kids last week.  Sleeping Beauty.  The pixie loves it.  The imp actually likes it, too.  Although, Maleficent scared the bat-snot out of the imp. 

We experimented with leaving the cats free overnight.  About 6:20, or so, Shadow shoves the bedroom door open.  And then, Cricket followed.  And then Cricket got lost, and started crying. 

I got up and booted both kitties, and then the imp woke up and got up.  And thought it was a school day.  Finding out that it wasn't really blew his routine all to hell, and he's been whiny and badly behaved since then. 

My classes turned in their first paper yesterday.  I just got all of the emailed papers printed, and I'm about to print the grading rubrics. 

After that, I need to print a copy of Fire and Forge, three-hole-punch it, put it in a binder, and set it aside for a while.  I'll probably pick it up to work on after I get papers graded.  But yes: the first draft is done. 


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    1. Makes me happy. I've got a good idea of what's coming out next, so I need to get set up for that when I'm ready to start on the next project (probably in November).

      Speaking other half (Odysseus of By Other Means) is wondering when your next book is coming out. ;-)