Monday, September 15, 2014


We took the kids up to visit my mother on Saturday.  We took the entire meal* so that Mom wouldn't have to do much with a non-operable sink (the hose on her pull-out sprayer faucet 'sploded last week).  Saturday afternoon, my mother took the kids outside to chase bubbles when we visited her.  I let the pixie go outside in her jacket with her hood up.  I thought it would be okay--I thought she was nearly over her virus.

Well, Saturday evening, she was worse, probably because of overexertion in chilly air.  Sluggish, coughing more, and cranky.  She didn't want to eat, but I made her (a mistake, in hindsight).  When I put her to bed, she spent the first two hours crying every half an hour.  And 10:30, she threw up.  When I checked, she'd spiked a 100.5 fever, so I gave her some ibuprofen, Odysseus cleaned up her bed (and I cleaned her up), and we put her back to bed. 

So, I had a lethargic, queasy, cranky pixie to keep still and quiet all day yesterday.  She ate two, two inch diameter pancakes, a couple of saltine crackers, and three squeeze things of applesauce.  And that was it for the entire day.  She felt feverish for about half the day, then acted like it'd broken (but still wouldn't eat much) yesterday evening. 

Today, I've got a pixie who I don't want to risk sending to school.  Especially since she's eaten better, but not very good yet.  She'll eat a little, then push it away because her tummy is sick.  She's currently sitting on the couch watching Sleeping Beauty, and drawing with crayons and printer paper. 

*Rotisserie chicken, pre-made scalloped potatoes, salad, Hawaiian rolls, and a cinnamon crumb cake--which came to about $30 from Sam's Club, and would have easily fed six adults and two children.


  1. Ouch, sorry to hear that, hope she's better SOON!

    1. She's better--went to school today. It's the imp's turn. He's spent the morning throwing up.

  2. Use Tylenol for fever, ibuprofen for aches and pains. And get the generic stuff; don't buy name brand; it's all the same stuff.
    Steve (nurse since 2001)