Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We need the rain

We had thunderstorms all night, and for a good part of the morning up to now.  Loud thunderstorms that kept Odysseus up, and woke me repeatedly.  I don't appreciate the constant waves of thunder and lightning, but we sure need the rain.

Thankfully, they didn't seem to disturb the kids.  In fact, it kept the sky dark enough that the pixie slept until almost 7:30, something she hasn't really done since school started.  The imp had to be awakened so that he could dress for school. 

Speaking of, I wasn't the one that woke him, this morning.  Apparently, my blog post from last night made Odysseus feel guilty (unintended consequence, that), and he got up and got the imp up and dressed and fed, this morning.  I only woke when Odysseus came in to shower after he'd gotten the imp dressed and fed.  

The pixie woke up after I did.  Which isn't at all usual, when I'm not getting them up to get dressed for school.

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