Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Can I go to bed and wake up after everything is better?

So, after I got home from work today...

  • Our AC went out today.  Came home to a house sitting at 80 degrees, and it's only gone up since.  Blower is blowing tepid air.  Repair guy comes tomorrow.
  • Called to chat with my mother, and found out from my sister that she'd gone to the ER with possible stroke symptoms (dizzy and sick, couldn't string two thoughts together).  
  • Got a call from my sis about two hours later, telling me that the ER sent mom home with instructions to go to her primary care physician tomorrow.  Primary care doc won't see her 'til Monday.  Fucking Medicaid...

Seriously, I just want this shit to go away. 


  1. Hang in there, you are being tested, but you will prevail through this tough time. Sit back, lift your head up and say "Right" and get up and walk in and handle life.

    1. I try, and most days I do okay with that. It's just...yeah. Undercaffeinated and overwhelmed.