Saturday, September 20, 2014

random ramblings

The imp has mostly recovered from his ordeal with the stomach flu.  He attended school yesterday after having been sent home on Wednesday, and having been out sick on Thursday (mostly recovering from Wednesday and Wednesday night).  Amidst everything, he earned new cars (he gets one single $0.97 matchbox/hot wheels car for a solid week of behaving to a minimum standard every day) in the last three weeks. One little boy that struck me as a completely spoiled little shit actually had his mommy help him make my imp a get well card.  

Christian schools definitely have their uses. 

The pixie has missed one day of preschool from illness, this week.  Her teacher is inordinately kind, and wasn't upset that I sent her without her makeup work done on Friday, since I got two hours' sleep early Thursday morning, and a sick kid (and a still-sick husband) to deal with, and hadn't gotten it done with her. 

The cats had to spend a couple of days shut back in their rooms.  My stomach wouldn't have taken kindly to being stepped on on Tuesday, and the imp kept falling asleep (and probably wouldn't have taken kindly to being stepped on) on the couch on Wednesday.  They're making up for it now, though. 

I managed to make it to school on Wednesday, despite still feeling a little sick and a lot weak.  It was workshop day, so thankfully, all I had to do was sit at my desk. 

Friday, on the other hand, I had papers to pick up.  And the next one to start.  I think about a third of one class is going to evaluate their favorite sports teams.  We'll be talking criteria on Monday--yesterday was simply topic selection.

I've already gotten Fire and Forge back from one beta reader (for whom I am beta-reading something) as of last night.  Unfortunately, anything fun is going to have to wait until I've finished grading papers. 

Damn it.  I'd rather be beta reading than grading papers.  Really, really rather be beta reading than grading papers. 

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