Friday, September 19, 2014

Really, now.

So.  The grateful inhabitants of areas plagued by Ebola have decided that the aid workers are superfluous to their wellbeing and existence


Let's set up the quarantine containment around the area and deal with the problem, then.  Napalm should do the trick, as well as be fairly cheap, and leave no long-lasting contaminants.


  1. An advanced society can't fathom the primitive, superstitious aspect of much of Africa. Where the health workers envision their efforts as something everyone should understand, it just isn't perceived that way in the third world societies that are faced with a disease that can decimate generations in a few short weeks.

    The reaction to what those most impacted know can destroy their existence is visceral; and will happen again. They see the intrusion as another threat; and those that intrude, do so at the risk of their life.

    1. We shouldn't be intruding. Just containing the infection, then burning it out if it threatens to break out.

  2. I was in West Africa about 12 years ago. These people for the most part have no concept of germs and viruses. And certainly no concept of sanitation and how things can be spread.

    But then here comes the little despots over there blaming it on the whites which is what has been going on.

    If they want to act this way, then fence them off and let them die. I hate to say it but that's what they deserve for killing the people helping them.