Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Yet another good day.

Blue, today (on the imp's calendar--one up the scale from green).  So, the boy is well on his way to having a good week.  If he gets green or better for the rest of the week, he gets a reward. 

As for what I've accomplished...I've managed to get the laundry sorted, and the kids' clothes hamper put back into their bathroom.  Now, I just have to put their clothes away (since I've already done mine).  I got the tops of the three shelf bookcases in the living room cleared, and got the kids' books put up there, instead of stacked inside the top shelf of one (which caused avalanches daily).  We have two boxes of outgrown kid clothes to go to charity, and two big boxes of stuff to go back into storage, for now, with more to come out for sorting.

Got some other stuff sorted, too, and I have a stack of CDs 12 inches from my right knee that I need to get loaded into my laptop--everything from Metallica to Led Zeppelin (and CCR and Steppenwolf) to Kenny Wayne Shepherd to Apocalyptica. 

I still have dishes to load, and coffee pot parts to clean for a fresh pot tomorrow morning, but I think that's about it for today.

Tomorrow, I've got classes to teach.  Hoping I can get to bed early so that 6:30 doesn't seem so much like torture.

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